Introducing Cognivue®

The world’s first FDA-cleared, computer-based platform designed expressly for primary-care physicians to measure and monitor brain health to detect the early signs of dementia.

Cognivue, the 1st FDA-cleared Automated Early-Dementia Test

Learn about Cognivue from inventor Dr. Charles Duffy, the Founder and CEO of Cerebral Assessment Systems

Cognivue, the 10-minute Brain health test in your doctor’s office

A 10-minute, patient-administered automated test that requires no computer knowledge, and provides test results before you leave the office.

Keeping tabs on your brain health with Cognivue

Your doctor routinely monitors your ECG and blood pressure. Introducing the 5th vital sign, brain health.

Cognivue® Cognitive Assessment Tool Receives FDA Clearance

Cerebral Assessment Systems is excited to announce that it has received FDA clearance for its revolutionary Cognivue® cognitive assessment system—a first-of-its-kind, computer-based tool designed to better and more easily assess, measure, and monitor brain function to detect early signs of dementia.

In fact, Cognivue is so unique that it led the FDA to create an entirely new class of devices, designated “Cognitive Assessment Aids” (FDA Category: 882.1470). This clearance allows Cerebral Assessment Systems to begin production and marketing of Cognivue.

For more information on Cognivue, we invite you to read our press release.

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The Human Spectrum

Every brain ages differently. That is why we have designed our tests to target individual brain areas to get a complete diagnosis, and work out a treatment plan that fits the patient.


CAS Science

CAS uses a cognitive psychophysical approach to study brain function, by engaging patients in continuous stimulus-response paradigms that demand an intervening cognitive process. This approach enables the measurement of focal cortical function to be compared to individual and group performance standards to assist clinicians in the detection and monitoring of cognitive impairment.

CAS Technology



CAS technology is non-invasive and non-intrusive; the only direct contact with the patient is through their manipulation of a one handed steering wheel with a knob called a manipulandum. The patient sits in front of a computer screen and watches the automated presentation of computer generated displays that highlight various locations on the screen. The patient moves the manipulandum to indicate the highlighted location.



We continually change the strength of the highlighting perceptual signal by mixing that signal, designed to activate a particular cortical area, with a type of noise that impedes that activation. We continually monitor the patient’s accuracy in their ability to indicate the highlighted location on the computer screen.


Testing Cortical Circuits

The continual monitoring of the patients’ indication of the perceived stimulus allows us to assess the information processing capacity of the cortical area responsible for function in the selected stimulus domain. In effect, CAS technology is testing cortical circuits by inserting a signal and monitoring the response.

Importantly, the CAS approach to testing makes it independent of the patient’s language capabilities, and cultural, ethnic, educational, or socioeconomic background. Moreover, the testing environment does not effect results.

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